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From Our Customers:


Happy PHT Customer

Kaley Wilkerson


Kaley Wilkerson believes in PHT products. . .
I love my PHT products. I like to do everything I can to keep my horses feeling their best and PHT is excellent therapy. When they added the copper line, it was like magic.

The products are amazing! I have a lot of confidence in the company, so I bought the magnacu wraps. The results with them exceeded my expectations. His leg improved drastically in 2 weeks.

The MagnaCu stifle wraps have proven to be another useful therapy item. My horse warms up smoother and more comfortably after wearing them. And they stay in place.

The company has respectable business practices, they chose dealers with the same standards. Runnin Dove Tack and More has been a pleasure to do business with on a regular basis. Their selection has a wide variety to fit your needs, they are Always available to answer questions and provide fast shipments.






























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